What Do Cloves Taste Like?

what do cloves taste like

You will definitely surprise to know what do cloves taste like in your allspice. We will give you complete knowledge about the taste and texture of cloves and their use in baking and cooking.

Cloves are the most popular oldest spices using from many years in the world. Cloves are flower buds, the variety of evergreen tree. The large productions occur in the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. They are very strong in aromatic spice and consumed in Asia for more than 2000 years.

Cloves have become the most essential and traditional ingredient for dishes. In the whole world, Indonesia is the main producer of cloves. They are also produced in India, Madagascar, Tanzania and Sri Lanka.

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What do Cloves Taste Like?

If you like allspice and nutmeg, you will also become a fan of cloves. They are close to the similar taste of pumpkin pie, mulled cider and apple recipes. In fact, cloves are more powerful in taste and scent.

As an essence, cloves are powerful and sharper than cinnamon. They are very close to nutmeg and less floral than cardamom in flavor. Cloves are warmer than nutmeg if apply directly on the tongue.

The Flavor Profile of Cloves

The taste and aroma of cloves are fantastic. The smallest amount of this spice provides power and improves the immune system. In the world of spice, they give powerful flavor to many dishes. They are pungent, strong and sweet taste with astringent flavor.

Cloves are distinct and undeniable warmth for hot flavor. So, we can say they are simply intense spice!

What are the Health Benefits of Cloves?

Cloves were renowned for their health benefits in 200 BC. In any meeting with the emperor, cloves were necessary to chew for fresh breath. Even today, they use many medicines to treat illnesses. They use to treat some diseases that include:

  • Cloves are the best choice in gum disease.
  • They improve the digestion process.
  • Contain anti-cancer properties.
  • Boost the immune system.
  • The decrease in inflammation.
  • Cloves are very effective to treat pain.
  • You can use them to relief from headaches.
  • They help to control blood sugar levels.
  • Protect from liver infections.
  • Aid to preserve bone density.
  • Effective to kill bacterial.

Common Uses of Cloves

The use of cloves is not only in cooking and medicines. They also use clove cigarettes and very popular in the US market in the past. But they are still selling as clove cigarettes in Indonesia with the name of Kreteks consuming on a large scale.

In many American dishes, they have become important ingredients. The main dishes including Easter hams, gingerbread, and pumpkin pie. They also use for giving the flavor to meats and salads. Cloves provide important seasoning elements to ketchup and Worcestershire sauce.

Cloves use as an important ingredient for making black and green tea. In Sri Lanka and India, cloves are the primary ingredient for many dishes. They can overpower and intense the spice when using in cooking. The right amount of cloves, they give the heighten of your dishes to a new level.

Clove Texture

If we see the spice rack of cloves, that will hard, dry, and brittle. To use them into coffee or any recipe, the very easiest way is to use them in powder form, because every recipe needs cloves.

You can also use them in the form of mortar and pestle. The tiny granules may come in this method that gives a grainy texture in the finished product. You may need to take the larger and harder bits.

Are Cloves Bitter?

If you eat them directly, they give you a very bitter taste. Generally, we don’t eat them in this way. You will like them when cook with cloves, the quality of taste will improve. The best idea to use clove as flavor, you can use in any dish, coffee or tea.

Are Cloves Spicy?

Cloves are gently spicy but not in a typical way. We can say it feelings are just like hot cinnamon candy. They are less spicy compare to a jalapeno pepper. If you are not a fan of cloves, then don’t worry their spiciness don’t transfer from any baking or cooking.

Where You Can Use Whole Cloves?

You can use whole cloves for best liquids like cider and hot cocoa that made from milk. One thing keeps in mind, extract the cloves before consume. Many people use them in the kitchen by crushing them, they are wonderful in fragrant and floral compare to pre-process cloves.

Best Tips for Cooking with Cloves

When thinking of cloves come into your mind, one thing is clear that you want to make your dinner now. The cloves are very necessary for your cooking and baking.

You will see in this video that how can you cook with cloves and ginger spices:

The video will also tell you how cloves work in cooking, and how delicious taste will come with cloves. You will find the delicious vegan dish at the end; the flavor will come with chilli powder and ground cloves.

This video will tell you the 10 the best uses of cloves in your daily life:

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Cloves are the best spice for all types of baking and homemade cooking. You can add cloves in powder form, crushed, and directly for a wonderful taste. The addition of tomatoes sauces, onion and other vegetables can make tastier of your cooking.

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