The Best Substitute for Ground Cloves

substitute for ground cloves

You want to make a recipe and you don’t have ground cloves. Now, you are searching for the best substitute for ground cloves. Here, you can get the substitute for ground cloves in baking.

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If you want to make a recipe, you definitely need cloves. But you don’t have at the moment, no need to worry; there are some options that are suitable as a substitute.

Ground cloves use in many dishes but they use as warm essence in baking recipes. Pumpkin Pie Spice is a famous recipe where cloves use and also use in savory dishes like tomato sauces.

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Finding of Ground Cloves

The cloves grow on evergreen trees with unopened brown flower buds. They have great fragrance even before blossoming. The cloves indigenous to the Molucca Islands, but now they are available in Indonesia, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and some other islands. They are also available very commonly in China with a strong history.

They use in many dishes to add spice dimension for the best baked. The main dishes are:

  • Gingerbread
  • Molasses Cookies
  • Spice Cookies
  • Apple Cake
  • Jomoujo Soup
  • Pumpkin Soup and much more


It is the best substitute for ground cloves, allspice is a very good warm spice mimics that perfectly cover the taste of cloves. One piece of allspice is equal to one piece of clove. Where you want to use half teaspoon cloves, you can use a half teaspoon of allspice.

Cinnamon plus Nutmeg

Even then no need to take tension, if you don’t have allspice. You can use both together of cinnamon and nutmeg as a substitute of ground cloves.

Cinnamon makes the balances of the strong bite of nutmeg, this combination is a close flavor of cloves. Cloves use often with cinnamon and nutmeg; they naturally extract the vibe of this spice.

What about whole cloves?

If really, your recipe needs whole cloves, you can use ground cloves depends upon their availability. It’s a very good idea, but they should be on your hands. There is a rule, you can replace ¾ teaspoon ground cloves to one teaspoon whole cloves.

Some important things!

It’s very important to keep in mind, most of the recipes really need whole cloves for pull off the dish. The Mulled Cider cannot make without whole cloves because the drink becomes grainy. Whole cloves also use in oranges juices and meat, it is impossible to replace ground cloves. So, you must buy them from the store.

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The Best Substitute for Ground Cloves

Did you face the situation in the middle of the recipe that you have missed one important ingredient? But keep it in mind; there is always a substitute that you can use to keep your recipe full of taste. The important thing is that you must know it, especially when you are baking.

Cloves are the most popular ingredient that gives spicy to baked foods. The following below substitutes are excellent brands that fill the gap of ground cloves. These five spices selected after deep research that give flavor just like cloves. So, don’t worry if you don’t like cloves or not available in hands.

The brands are wonderful substitutes of cloves that are slightly different aroma and variance. You can use them with full confidence. The selected five spices bring hereafter with deep research. That is why we say you can choose one from the best substitutes for ground cloves.

1) Simply Organic All Spice Best Substitute for Ground Cloves

substitute for ground clove

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It is one of the best and ideal substitutes for cloves that is the mixture of spices. The ground cloves are part of it. Allspice contains nice fragrance, much like cloves. It is the best choice for apple pies, snickerdoodles, split pea soup, spicy marinades, apple spice cake and much more.

You can use the equal amount of allspice in the shape of cloves. It is actually a little bit more tasty flavor. Your cakes and cookies are delicious with the substitute for it.

2) Pumpkin Pie Spice Best Substitute for Ground Cloves

ground cloves substitute

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It’s another wonderful substitute of cloves like allspice that is the inclusion of other essential spices. Pumpkin has a very slight different taste compare to clove but it does not interfere with any recipe.
If you want to make a creamy pumpkin soup then it will be the best alternative.

You can also mix it with pumpkin pie spice for amazing spice. The addition of nutmeg or cinnamon may calm down the pumpkin essence. So, simply it perfectly suited to replace allspice.

3) Best Choice 50/50 Blend of Nutmeg and Cinnamon

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It’s the best combination that perfectly covers the taste of cloves. The ingredients will give you the more than end results of cloves. The apple spice cake is not the substitute for this perfect combination.

You can observe half and half of nutmeg and cinnamon with apple pie spice; you will see the nutmeg is a super spice. It uses in many baking recipes, you can get the best substitute for ground cloves. It depends upon the preference of an individual.

4) Natural Ground Cardamom Powder with Indian Spice

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Cardamom is another best choice that you can use in different soups. One thing keeps in mind, it has a very strong essence, to quit it down, you can pair it with some nutmeg or apple pie spice.

It is using for real authentic aroma and flavour from many years. Cardamom helps you for baking glazed ham and lamb chops too. You will definitely use the seasonings spices, to use it, the spice and cloves will not detect.

The people are too busy in their taste; they don’t want to change their taste. You should use it when other options are not available easily.

5) Frontier Natural Mace the Premium Quality

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The Mace work like magic in many cooks that give perfect spice for the substitute of cloves. You can apply it to many different dishes. The many rice puddings cook with mace and vanilla with a pinch of citrus.

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