How to Make Coconut Oil Permanently Liquid for Skin at Room Temperature?

how to make coconut oil

There are many cooking oils varieties available in supermarkets. But you must know how to make coconut oil at home. It will be pure and free of chemicals. No doubt, its quite challenging job, do you know, your grandmother made different types of oils from nuts.

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Yes, they also made oil from seeds and made desi ghee from milk cream. They preserved and used oil for different types of cooking purposes.

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Over the years, we all have commercialized and seen the convenience. Many of us have converted to packaged refined oils that made with emulsifiers, additives and hydrogenated fats.

The quality of the oil product is most important because every meal prepares with oil. Every member of your family needs the best quality oil products. It will be very beneficial for their health. We will tell you the basics of how to make coconut oil at home.

I met with a person who prepares coconut oil and selling it from last 5 years. He told me many things about the health benefits of coconut oil and I try to start making at home.

I not only made oil but also information to friends about its wonderful flavor and benefits. The oil is very effective for those girls who are suffering from dandruff and itchy scalp. It will be 100% pure oil made from fresh coconuts.

Everybody knows, coconut oil naturally extracted from the mature coconuts. It’s virgin coconut oil, which is edible and totally different from routine coconut oil. Because it is very beneficial for health and virgin means prepared oil without any heat or very low heat.

Virgin coconut oil contains very strong antioxidants ingredients, proteins, vitamins and healthy fatty acids. It may be lost during the process of industrial preparation.

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil other than Cooking

It is the best oil not only for cooking but also it uses in many other purposes. The oil cures the severe healing properties in medicinal. Virgin oil is always different with full of vitamins and nutrition. It gives you strong taste and fragrance. You should use it as an antioxidant because it contains vitamins, proteins and healthy fats. The given below the benefits of coconut oil!

  • You can use it as a moisturizer in newly born babies because it is fresh and free from any chemical.
  • It boosts the digestion process, uses it one teaspoon with breakfast.
  • The coconut oil works wonders for Ayurveda practice, it pulls the oil and aids digestion.
  • The industrial refine oil may cause cholesterol problems but it lowers the LDL, total cholesterol and improves the HDL levels.
  • Most of the people know, its ingredients can prevent dandruff and acne.
  • The homemade coconut relief from mouth ulcers and other mouth problems. In the night apply it into your mouth; you will feel more than better the next morning.

The process of how to make coconut oil at home


You need to take 9 to 10 coconuts that will give you almost 3 litres of coconut milk. Then you can extract a minimum of 150 grams of oil.

If you take 3 to 4 coconuts, you will get 1 litre of coconut milk, and you will extract approximately 50 grams of virgin oil.

So, the oil quantity depends upon how much coconut you take, you can also take virgin oil from only one coconut.

Very Simple Method:

Our forefathers used this simple and traditional method. It also called the ‘’Hot Process’’ of getting the coconut oil. You can get the coconut oil without using any machinery, with simple kitchen tools and vessels.

And, no need to add any preservatives or additives for making the oil. You will get pure and healthy oil for cooking and other purposes. It may take some time but the method is easy and simple.

Step 1:

First of all, extract the coconut milk from mature coconuts. Mix all the collected milk and grate it.

Step 2:

Secondly, you need muslin cloth, squeeze the milk with the help of a cloth. A bowl is necessary to keep below the cloth for getting the liquid. Now, add little hot water and squeeze out all the milk.

Step 3:

Once you get the extracted coconut milk, sieve the milk with the help of muslin cloth that removes all impurities.

Step 4:

Now, get the brass vessel and put all the extracted milk, keep it on fire. Keep it in mind, the heat must be very low, cook it for 2 to 3 hours.

Step 5:

Keep your eyes on coconut milk, soon its color is brownish, keep it away from heat. And be careful, the overheat can burn the coconut milk.

Step 6:

Then wait for the cooldown of concentrated milk. Once again squeeze out the oil, collect the whole oil in a bowl, can or plastic bottle and store it.

The healthy homemade oil is ready to use, you can use it up to one year or a minimum of 8 to 10 months. You must place the oil with an airtight container, don’t leave it open. It may contaminate and don’t give the quality.

This video will tell you, how to make coconut oil at home with a few simple steps that will be very beneficial for your health. You can use it in your daily routine, for example, you can use on Hairs, Skin, and cooking:

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