How to Gain Weight at Home with Natural Foods

how to gain weight

Nowadays, women are very conscious about how to gain weight at home but with natural resources. Unhealthy & irregular meal habits, a lot of stress levels, genetics, and physical fitness don’t allow people for healthy weight gain.

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We bring fundamental knowledge in your mind that most of us want to lose weight. If you’re going to gain weight, you can achieve your target. But if you’re going to lose your weigh, you will also make but making a lot of effort.

The reasons for not gaining weight are stress levels, eat irregular and unhealthy meals, genetics, and physical fitness. You agree with the ideas which we mentioned. If you want to gain positive weight, first of all, you must make a daily routine of your healthy meals.

A healthy diet means don’t take harmful fat foods, get healthy fat, and build muscle mass. You can visit your dietitian and make a fit chart that will guide a healthful, non-fatty, and high-calorie meal plan. But if you want to follow the home remedies for weight gain, it will be straightforward to do without disturbing your daily routine.

How to gain Weight with Seven Home Made Foods

1) How to Gain Weight with Dry Dates and Milk

Dates come in those best foods which are full of vitamins like A, C, E, K, B2, B6, Niacin, and thiamine. The Dates packed for vital of our health and wellness. The addition of milk with dates can accelerate the weight gain process.

Dates are full of protein, sugar, energy, and vitamins that help to gain your muscles. The milk will give you calcium and other vital vitamins. Start this diet daily and see the results within 20 to 30 days.

weight gain with dates and milk

2) Gain Weight with the Addition of Butter and Sugar in Your

Clarified butter and sugar of one tablespoon mix it well; eat it before every meal with an empty stomach. It will give you an excellent boost in gaining a positive weight. You will see the results within a month.

weight gain with butter and sugar

3) How to Gain Weight with Night Sleep and Afternoon Rest

It’s true; you need to sleep at least 45 minutes to one hour in the afternoon. The rest will relax your muscles and mind. Your daily nap routine helps you to increase the weight and give you a fantastic night’s sleep. It will strengthen your body muscles rapidly without going to the gym.

weight gain with rest and sleeping in after eating lunch

4) Take Peanut Butter in Breakfast and Increase your weight

The powder of peanuts contains fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. You can increase your weight by taking few peanuts daily. And peanut butter is also so crucial for gaining weight. You can use peanut butter by applying on grain bread, within one month, you will see the dramatic results.

weight gain with peanut butter

5) Mango Shake with Milk Boost your Weight

Mango is full of proteins, sugar, and carbohydrate helps to increase weight. The combination of milk and mango becomes a powerful mixer of a mango milkshake. It increases your body mass and gives energy to your body.

A cup of warm milk after taking the slices of mango can increase body mass. The dramatic results will come for 30 days.

weight gain with mango shake

6) Stop your tea which you take in Morning & Evening, Replace it with Banana Shake

Bananas are the fruit that fruits that give us quick energy because they are full of calories. Due to this quality, most of the sportsmen and bodybuilders eat bananas between the game or exercise.

If you want to gain weight, shake banana with milk, and use it at the time when you take tea in the morning and evening. Within a few weeks, you will see your weight is increasing.

weight gain with banana and milk

7) Just Bake the Potatoes and Eat, no need to boil them

Potatoes enrich with carbohydrates, by adding them in your daily meals, you can increase your weight. Ideally, you should bake or grill them with butter. You can also make French fries and eat once in a day for weight gain. It is vital to fry potatoes in extra virgin oil.

weight gain potato chips

“There are a few essential things which you must keep in mind. You will incorporate the above foods into your daily meals for weight increase. But, the fluids like water, coffee, or tea should not take before lunch or dinner, they reduce your appetite. And a gap of 30 to 45 minutes is necessary between your meals and drinks.”

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