Approximately How Much Juice Is in One Lemon and Benefits of Lemon Water for Healthy Skin

how much juice is in one lemon

In our opinion, it is not a correct statement of how much juice is in one lemon. Because it depends upon the size of the lemon, few are small, and some are big. It is an accurate statement that you need ½ cup of fresh lemon juice. It is also difficult to tell you how many lemons you need to buy for your requirements.

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Another statement can we buy a medium-sized lemon that produces enough juice for us. We can’t inform you of the perfect amount of lemons that give you the liquid which you require. The measurement depends upon the size of a fruit, the larger the size, maximum the juice they contain.

If you are going to buy small size lemons, you have to buy more quantities. The small size will not produce enough amount of juice which you need for your foods. The taste and flavor will effect.

We take almost dozen of lemons, squeezed them to observe that how much juice in one fruit. The size was small, medium, and large, when we saw the difference, it was very minimal, but it may affect your foods and its taste.

If you still confused about how you will make a lemon cocktail or any of the food products that need the exact amount of juice in one lemon. Please follow the below guidelines, and it will be beneficial for you.

    • Small Lemon: Three Tablespoons fresh juice.
    • Medium Lemon: Four Tablespoons fresh juice.
    • Large Lemon: Five Tablespoons fresh juice.

Now it’s up to you how much you need lemon juice. If you need three tablespoons juice, then you need to buy one small lemon. You can also store the lemon juice in a tight air bottle and use it when you need it.

The Best Way to get Lemon Juice

Few lemons are very tough to squeeze than others; you will waste the juice inside it. Following are some tricks, you can get maximum juice by following them:

  • Gently massage the lemon by rolling it on cutting board, it will become soft and help to give maximum juice.
  • Lemon slice should be half cutting instead of lengthwise.
  • There are lemons juicer machines available for taking juice accurately, just use hand gloves, and use the device.

No need to worry about seeds, you can away easily from juice, or while using the machine, it will automatically separate all the seeds.

Health Benefits of Lemon Juice


Vitamin C plays an essential role in the production of white blood cells. They are responsible for the protection and integrity of immune cells.

Heart Health

Folic acid and vitamin C consumption protect from a heart attack and stroke. They both linked with each other to decrease cardiovascular disease. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says.

The people who eat more fruits and vegetables, they have 15% fewer chances of development of heart disease. Vitamin C improves the HDL good cholesterol, and lower the LDL bad cholesterol and keep the arteries flexible.

Kidney Stones

Compare to all fruits, lemon, and limes contain most citric acid, it helps to release the stones from the kidney. Citric acid breaks up the rocks and stops it forming.

Take more citric acid daily and enhance more protection for forming the stones in the kidney. The half cup or 32 ounces of lemonade contains a sufficient amount of citric acid for pharmacological therapy.


According to the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, lemon extract dies the breast cancer cells. They found that lemon contains powerful cancer-fighting properties.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said folate is a potent property of cancer reducing and produce substances that silent the cancer DNA. Limonins decrease the cancer risk, and looked in breast cancer cells and found that they could be a helpful aid to chemotherapy.

Pregnancy Health

Folic acid is essential for pregnant women; it prevents neural tube defects. During pregnancy, folate is necessary and should be available in your whole foods.

Lemon, peels, and weight loss

Lemon peels and water is the best drink for those who want to reduce weight loss. These all work wonders, but lemon juice is the primary ingredient. You can add peels in salads, chicken, or fish dishes; it contains many nutrients and blend into smoothies, soups; it plays an essential role in detoxing and weight loss.

Liver Disease

Lemon may help to recover the damage livers. In an animal study, it proved that rats who had damaged liver due to excessive alcohol intake, see the improvement of the liver after consuming lemon.

Antimicrobial Properties of Lemon Juice

Lemons are very popular due to its antimicrobial properties. They have excellent coverage to kill salmonella, staphylococcus, and other pathogens. It mentioned in the Journal of Functional Foods that lemon juice has terrific coverage and antibacterial activity against E. coli bacteria.

Consumption of Lemons

Excess of everything is terrible, and no doubt, lemons are perfect for health; if you use more than the required amount, then it may cause gastric reflux problems and heartburn. The citric acid may reduce the enamel of your teeth; we suggest drinking lemon juice with a straw.

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