Questions to Ask During Your First Prenatal Visit

first prenatal visit

The nine most important questions to ask at the first prenatal visit to a doctor. First of all, do a home pregnancy test. You get the pregnancy test positive. Now just enjoy and see the dreams for your baby. I was thinking about the names of the baby.


These movements are full of excitement. Many questions are coming into your mind. Just take a deep breath, start writing these questions on paper. Ask these ask to the first visit to midwife or obstetrician. The tour happens typically in the first 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. It is a good idea: discuss it with your partner.

Here are nine essential questions to ask at first prenatal visit

1) Who will deliver my baby?

At your first appointment to the doctor or midwife, ask them the birth philosophy. You should know the hospital for delivery. Ask the provider’s detail. All the group detail suitable for you or not. You must have all these pieces of information.

2) How should my weight?

It depends upon your pre-pregnancy weight. The provider will check your BMI test. They will guide you for healthy weight gain in pregnancy. The women should gain 25 to 30 pounds of weight. Those women who are underweight should gain 40 pounds of weight. And obese, overweight women should gain 11 to 20 pounds in their pregnancy.

3) Can I do exercise daily?

If exercise is your daily routine. Your doctor will advise you to continue it. If you are not doing yoga daily, they will motivate you to start it. Exercise improves your fitness and weight in pregnancy. It will also save you from gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, & cesarean delivery.

4) The history of my health conditions

Discuss your complete account with your provider. Meet with your doctor with questions to ask at first prenatal visit. Tell him detail regarding your health history. Your body can face stress in pregnancy. You can meet the body’s conditions like diabetes & high blood pressure.

You can see some changes like seizures, hypo, hyperthyroidism, & depression. It is essential to discuss all these issues with your doctor. In the past, you did any surgery. You have any problems with antibiotics or anesthesia. Must give this knowledge to your doctor or midwife.

firs prenatal visit questions

5) Are my medications safe or not in pregnancy?

Bring with you the list of medicines; you are taking. You are taking any supplements or some herbal products. Bring it in the knowledge of your provider. Your provider may change them or stop. These may disturb or hurt your pregnancy.

6) Should I use prenatal vitamins?

The prenatal vitamin should use before conception. Don’t worry; you did not get too late. Take advice from your doctor for prenatal vitamins. They will recommend a good vitamin for you.

7) Should I get a genetic screening?

It depends upon the time of pregnancy & risk factors. The doctor can offer you different types of genetic screening.

questions to ask doctor when pregnant first visit

8) Should I give blood samples for the Zika test?

Its guidelines are changing day by day. The doctor will ask your traveling with your partner. He will then recommend this test. It would base on recent CDC recommendations.

9) Where do I contact for my questions and concerns?

You should get all the contact numbers of the clinic or hospitals. A nurse or provider available 24 hours for your queries. Your case is an emergency. The babies don’t see the business hours. When you leave, make sure you have all the emergency numbers.

You forget a few questions to ask at first prenatal visit. No need to worry, you will meet your provider many times in this tenure. You will get a lot of opportunities to ask questions. In the second visit, you can ask the questions which you forgot.

Follow the instructions of your doctor. Your pregnancy will be active and healthy. Try your best to get maximum knowledge of fertility. Study the pregnancy diet plan and follow them. Do exercise daily or as advised by the doctor.

You must buy cheap maternity clothes for your whole pregnancy time. Take medicines proscribed from doctors regularly.

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