What Is the Difference Between a Regular Cucumbers and an English Cucumbers?


english cucumber

There are near about 100 varieties of cucumbers in the world and English cucumber is one of them. We definitely think about the difference between English cucumber and regular cucumber. We don’t find most of the varieties of cucumber.

They belong to the gourd family and grow on slinking vines; their origination is from South Asia. Now, they are growing in almost every country in the world. The most useful and very popular variety in the world is the English variety. Another one is pickling cucumbers that we use in our routine dishes.

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English cucumbers are seedless and long with plastic wrapped. They all are similar to each other and unique in preparing and consuming. Read this article and decide which cucumber will add to your next meal.

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Low Calories with High Nutrients

With low calories, they are rich in a lot of important vitamins and minerals. The 300 gram of unpeeled cucumber contains the following:

  • Calories-45
  • Fat-0 gram
  • Carbs-11 grams
  • Protein-2 grams
  • Fiber-2 grams
  • Vitamin-C 14%
  • Vitamin K-62%
  • Magnesium-10%
  • Potassium-13%
  • Manganese-12%

Generally, serving size is one-third of cucumber, so, after eating it, you will get one-third of nutrients. Cucumbers contain high in water, mean, they made up with 96% of water. On advice for reader, eat unpeeled cucumber, they are full of fiber and vitamins. You will reduce nutrition’s amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Slicing Cucumber:

  • It is available in tough green color with waxy skin.
  • You can buy easily, convenient and less expensive.
  • To improve its flavor, you can remove seeds and skin.
  • The Kirby and Persian are the types of slicer’s cucumbers.

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Pickling Cucumber:

  • The variety of cucumber can safe in the shape of a pickle with the brine of sugar, vinegar, and spices. They grow with width and length, shorter in size and thicker than slicer.
  • Their skin is bumpy and spotted, with dark green color.
  • Gherkins, cornichons or baby dills are the varieties of pickling cucumbers.
  • They are too much shorter with bumpy skin and use as a whole for pickle, not in slicing.

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English Cucumber:

  • They are narrow and long shape than slicer cucumbers.
  • The packing of the English cucumber is waxed free and without plastic wrapped.
  • They contain too much smaller seed, you can eat very easily, de-seeding is not necessary for them.
  • Their taste is almost sweet and less bitter than a slicer.
  • The skin of the English cucumber is thinner, edible and they sell in the market as seedless cucumbers.

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Your personal experience depends on the selection of cucumber for your salads. If you de-seed, peeling, and dicing the cucumber, any of the slicer variety is very suitable for you. If you want to serve whole slices, you must go with English cucumber, no need for peeling and de-seeding require.

You have to pay some extra for it but it will give you every comfort and taste for serving. Some of the people want seeds, few like a few seeds. English cucumber will give you both taste with crispy, refreshing addition t any meal or salad.

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