8 Substitutes for Coconut Milk in Curry

coconut milk substitute

There are many coconut milk substitute if you are out of the reach of it. If you don’t like or allergic, these 8 ingredients are best options for coconut milk in curry.

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At the moment, coconut milk is not in your reach, you are allergic to coconut, or might be you don’t like its flavor. What are the reasons, no need to worry in any case, you can make your curry thicken and creamy?

No doubt, coconut milk used in many curries to make them thick with sauce. But it’s also true, you can make them without coconut milk. Here are the best substitutes that help you to make your curry creamy and thicken.

8 Substitutes for Coconut Milk Curry

1) Greek Yogurt

It’s such a wonderful dairy substitute that gives creaminess like coconut milk in a sauce. You can use yogurt in a big quantity for making a wonderful curry. It is also very beneficial for your overall health. It improves digestive health and metabolism.

2) Heavy Cream

Some Asia, especially Indian dishes need heavy cream for more thickener, you can add it as a coconut milk substitute. A heavy cream is a wonderful option that gives perfect richness in curry. You can achieve your goal with a few tablespoons.

3) Sour Cream

It’s also a dairy product that thicks the curries. Sour cream works as sweeter; the flavor is distinction than Greek yogurt. You can use it with full of confidence and moderately.

4) Milk

We advise, to use milk that has higher fat content to mimic the richness of coconut milk. Its consistency is more powerful as a watery than coconut milk, try to use less amount for the demand of recipe. You can add a small amount of coconut oil if you like its flavor.

5) Cashew Cream

Cashew cream is another best option with thick creamy paste. It’s not a difficult job to make this cream, you can make it in your home with the help of a blender. A perfect plant-based cashew cream recipes, you made it with simple steps.

You can watch, how to make chicken curry without coconut milk:

6) Almond Milk

In curry, it is a best coconut milk substitute that can make a wonderful taste. There is a drawback with almond milk, it’s a very thinner consistency, few brands of almond milk are just like water.

You should add one teaspoon cornstarch that makes your curry thicker. Another option is coconut oil that you can add for thicken the sauce. The sauce will become thick which you want.

7) Soy Milk

Soy milk and almond milk have the same notes; the difference is soy milk is thicker than almond milk. You can add cornstarch or coconut oil for richness. It is the best coconut milk substitute.

8) Oat Milk

In the end, oat milk is widely available for use as non-dairy milk. It is the same caveats as almond and soy milk but the texture is runny. We recommend adding coconut oil or cornstarch for richness.

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