Clove Benefits for Men and Women to Improve Sex Life 2020

It’s one of the best herbs that have many benefits. Among them, we will discuss the clove benefits for men and women. It keeps men sexually fit and improves performance. Clove work as an aphrodisiac in men for a healthy body. You can get in detail knowledge of clove benefits for men and women.

clove benefits for men

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What are Cloves (Syzgium Aromaticum)?

Clove has a unique taste of burning that gives you an air of excitement and a romantic mood. Cloves are dry, unopened, and flower buds. It is very beneficial herbs that use in medicine for many decades.

Cloves are the flower of the clove tree, it is also known as Syzygium aromaticum. They found in whole and ground forms. Due to their versatile spice, they use in season pot roasts, beverages, bring warmth spice, cookies and cakes.

Cloves are the main ingredient of many Indian cuisine and baked gingerbread. Cloves use in different medicines, and well known as a sweet and aromatic spice.

The study published in the National Institute of Health that proved that compounds of cloves have many benefits that support liver health, improve sex and control blood sugar levels.

It has different parts of the plant like dry buds, stems, and leaves used in medicines. They are available in whole and ground forms that have fast benefits in culinary and drugs. Petioles use more than ground cloves.

Its true cloves are a wonderful natural product but chia seed oil are also the best natural antioxidants.

The Nutrients Picture of Cloves

We get the following nutrients in 100 grams of cloves as per the national standard reference nutrition database.

Carbohydrates65 Grams
Protein6 Grams
Lipid13 Grams
Sugar2 Grams
Meal Fiber33 Grams
Energy (kcal)274 (kcal)

Minerals detail in Cloves

Cloves contain an extraordinary amount of minerals, calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, and Zinc.

Vitamins detail in Cloves

They are full of vitamins like vitamin c, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K.

The Clove Benefits for men

You can make your sex life pleasant by using this extraordinary herb. It boosts testosterone levels and sex performance. The cloves help to improve erectile and ejaculation health. The superb antioxidant with nervous stimulation, it uses very commonly for sex desire.

They contain aromatherapy scents that rive remarkable results in sex. They give the sex drive and enhance the sex appeal. In Asian countries, men use clove to enhance sex performance for many years. They boost the men’s libidos and improve testosterone levels.

Cloves are essential for men’s health; they give you incredible excitement in sex life. They create strong sexual attraction between both partner men and women. You can apply cloves to cure for low movement of sex and functions in men.

The role and benefits of cloves sexually by increasing testosterone

It is the best herb that gives you stamina and sexual health. A minimal amount improves the testosterone levels and acts as an aphrodisiac in men and women. Testosterone plays a vital role in sex appeal and sex drive. You can face erectile dysfunction if you have low levels of testosterone. The problem leads to little interest and satisfaction in sex.

You can also add lemongrass essential oil with cloves for making the wonderful and tasty tea.

Clove benefits by increasing the sperm quantity in men

The motility of sperm is most important, and the clove improves it. The clove contains so many necessary vitamins that will enhance the effectiveness and numbers of sperm. It is an excellent benefit for men’s health.

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The clove benefits for men in premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a prevalent problem in many men that occurs due to stress and sexual problems. Clove plays an excellent role in this indication. Clove oil increases the penis erection and improves timing.

The oil improves the blood circulation and the flow to the genitals. Cloves use in medicines for the treatment of premature ejaculation. You should use it before going to sexual intercourse on the outer skin of the penis for brilliant results.

How you can use clove in Premature Ejaculation

  • If you want to use cloves for premature ejaculation, then apply it on the outer layer on the penis. It has excellent results in this indication.
  • You must use it before one hour of sexual intercourse and wash it.
  • It husband or wife feel any type of irritation of genitals during or after intercourse, then avoid to use it.
  • You should not apply it to the sensitive areas of skin. It might cause pain and burning.
  • The cloves have some side effects that we will discuss at the end of the article.
  • You can also combine the cloves with some plants and extracts. The preparation helps to treat sex-related problems.
  • The addition of clove oil with cinnamon and yogurt or milk is beneficial to treat sexual problems.

You need to use one teaspoon daily for at least one month for better results.

How many cloves can you use daily?

People are using cloves for many years to prevent premature ejaculation. They give you a very unusual sexual behavior. One thing must keep in your mind, excess of everything is terrible. So, don’t eat too many cloves daily. Their intense and robust spice might disturb your body.

You can start with one clove daily. Then increase after three days with a maximum of 4-5 cloves daily. It depends on person to person, but don’t overdose without doctor’s advice. You will enjoy your sex life with the recommended dose.

The benefits of clove for women

We cannot differentiate the benefits of cloves because cloves are equally beneficial for women. Many scientific researches proved the aphrodisiac benefits in both men and women. The ladies can improve the ovulation level by using them and get rid of the problem of female infertility.

Cloves play an essential role in boosting the nervous stimulation, which results in sexual arousal in men and women. They increase the energy levels of ladies and sex drive.  The tea of cloves helps to reduce weight and make you young.

There are many of the other health benefits for men, and women are as follows.

Are cloves safe in pregnancy?

According to the latest studies, cloves are safe in pregnancy as a spice or flavor. The pregnant women can take them in powder or whole form. But you must keep it in mind; you can use it as a medicine. They may cause some problems during pregnancy. The cloves as medicines might induce miscarriage or premature labor.

The clove oil available with highly concentrated, not favorable in pregnancy. You can face premature labor or miscarriage by using it in pregnancy. Even then, if you want to use clove oil during pregnancy. You should use it with the advice of your doctor.

The doctor will guide you on how much you can take cloves oil daily. The oil is intense; it’s not good to use it without doctor permission.

So, finally, it is clear, the small number of cloves can use in food as a spice. But it cannot use as medicine in pregnancy. It can cause harmful effects like premature labor or miscarriage.

Benefits of clove water for men and women

Clove water has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties role. It protects from ulcers boosts the digestive system. The clove water gives you teeth bones health, prevents bleeding gums, and it is very beneficial for both males and females.

It is beneficial for weight loss, especially reduce the belly fat. The clove water prevents you from dizziness and the best treatment for cholera. You can also use it for the regulation of blood sugar levels. It gives you liver health because of its antioxidants property.

How to prepare clove water with a simple recipe:

  • Get one and a half cups of water.
  • Add 4-5 cloves
  • Now boil it for at least 10 minutes.
  • For better taste, add some honey.

Your clove water is ready, wait for cool and use one cup daily. It will protect you from gas and flatulence.

Cloves enhance your sex drive.

Cloves are excellent spice and aromatic flavor with a beautiful smell. In many types of research proved, its unique spice gives more testosterone, incredible libido, and best erection.

You can add it to your daily diet like a cup of tea or coffee for better results. The easiest way just holds two cloves in your mouth for ten minutes and eat them.

Clove benefits for men and women in weight loss

Clove stimulates metabolism; this process helps to lose weight. It has excellent results in medicinal teas for losing the belly fat. The anti cholestyramine properties help to regulate the cholesterol of the body.

Clove works wonders and helps to strengthen the teeth and relief from toothaches. The German government regulatory agency approved the clove as an antiseptic and anaesthetic. Many researchers say that clove has eugenol that makes cloves the substitute of painkillers.

The clinical research shows, the clove oil might relieve tooth pain. It strengthens the tooth enamel that sees the outer layer of the tooth. One thing keeps in mind; teeth are alive; regular use of clove can save them from dying.

The oral health with clove

Few people know, in ancient China, before the emperor, every person must hold the clove in his mouth. The studies show it protects your oral cavity naturally and give health.

It’s such a very beneficial and useful natural product. That protects you from many oral diseases like gingivitis, plaque, and bacteria in the mouth. There are some more same benefits as you can use it for toothache and other dental problems.

One more research proved that the mouth rinse, which contains clove, is more potent than routine mouth rinse. It kills the harmful bacteria of the mouth.

Liver health and clove

Naturally, the liver breaks down all the complex substances that the body consumed. Because, clove contains an abundant amount of antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals, free-roaming, and all harmful effects. These toxins can cause adverse effects, especially with the liver, for a more extended period.

Studies proved free radicals and lipids increase by metabolism; clove controls these processes. The clove also contains eugenol that is very effective for the liver.

The regulation of blood sugar and clove

Traditionally, clove is using as medicine to treat and control blood sugar levels. Clove is very beneficial for various diseases, and diabetes is one of them. Type-2 diabetes patients face problems with less insulin. And type-1 diabetic patients face no insulin in the body.

It proved in a study, use only three grams of clove for 30 days help to control sugar levels. The researchers also found, the manganese in cloves control and regulate the sugar levels. So, in the end, you can manage your sugar level with a balanced diet by using cloves.

Side Effects of cloves:

No doubt, cloves have many benefits; even then cloves have few side effects. It is essential to pay your attention, especially for those who have decided to use cloves for medicinal purposes.

  • Cloves might enhance bleeding risk.
  • They contain eugenol that may cause bleeding during or after surgery.
  • You must stop cloves two weeks before surgery and immediately after surgery.
  • In diabetes, cloves lower the blood sugar level, already discussed in detail. Keep it in mind, too many cloves can decrease blood sugar levels. The high dose can cause hypoglycemia, that is very dangerous.
  • So, diabetic patients must take advice from the doctor before use as medicinal purposes.
  • The ingredient of eugenol is very active in cloves. If the amount of Eugenol increases, it affects the digestive system. So, the high dose of cloves is not suitable for people of a sensitive stomach.

The people who have heartburn and gastrointestinal ulcers should avoid the use of cloves as medicinal purposes.

Side effects of clove oil:

The flavonoids may affect sensitive skin people. The clove oil contains flavonoids that may cause allergic reactions like dermatitis and skin burns. So, those people are allergic to clove oil, use it with caution or advice from the doctor.

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