Cabbage Vs Lettuce Health Benefits for Weight Loss

cabbage vs lettuce

Cabbage vs lettuce looks the same but has a minor difference. They feel both are the same green and leafy with equal nutritional benefits. It is also beneficial for weight loss. These are green and leafy but with differences in taste, appearance, and health benefits. Most American children don’t like cabbage and lettuce. You should know the benefits of cabbage & lettuce before your next trip to the grocery store.



lettuce vs cabbage

We can see the calories of cabbage and lettuce, in 100 gram of their sample. The cabbage has 25 calories, and lettuce has only 14 calories. The double the dietary fiber in cabbage as compared to lettuce. These are the best combination of salad in daily use. The vitamins and nutrition are also different between these two foods. The vitamin C is 60% in cabbage and only 4% in lettuce. The vitamin B6 available in cabbage, not available in lettuce. If we see the vitamins and protein, cabbage has more healthful benefits compare with lettuce.


organic cabbage

The people assume that cabbage and lettuce the same looking and same taste. They feel cabbage and lettuce the same green vegetables. Cabbage is vigorous, with less water contains. And lettuce has more pool compare with cabbage. You can use these vegetables in different dishes.

You can use bowled and steamed cabbage in different types of salads. It can use with all the food dishes in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lettuce is a crunchy use in salads and burgers. It can also use in combination with cabbage.


boiled cabbage calories

The difference between cabbage vs lettuce

Cabbage is a bulb type shape and made up in a very short stem. It is available in green, purple, and red variations. Usually, people do not use their outer leaves; they are hard to eat. The inner leaves are soft and can eat very quickly. Cabbage grows in soil environments, the soil that pH has more than 6.5. Its roots have the power to dry soon; it needs moisture for its growth. The overall climate should cool where it grows very well.

Lettuce also has a short stem; its leaves cover with one and another. These leaves make one long stem. It has enriched chlorophyll that makes it a green shape than cabbage. Its plant starts flowering, known bolting process. People pick it when this process begins. Sandy soil is very suitable for lettuce better growth. The pH should be between 6 to 7. The shade is essential for lettuce plants. The farmers use to hang cloth on cabbage plants for their protection from the sun. Moisture is necessary for its roots to grow well.

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The organic cabbage is a healthful vegetable for the people of any age group. In the end, lettuce & cabbage look like the same vegetables. But their growth is in a different environment, taste, and even colors. Both plants give good health to your whole body.

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They protect the body from many diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. You should use cabbage in your daily diets, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can control your sugar levels & weight for its regular use in all your meals. Such a beautiful natural vegetable gives energy and protection to all your organs. Make a habit to use cabbage in salad daily.

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