Best Foods to Eat When Breastfeeding a Newborn

breastfeeding superfoods

Foods to eat while breastfeeding is very important to know for everybody. You must know about feeding milk diets. Some foods increase the production of Milk. Some foods decrease milk production.

Its impact comes to the baby’s digestive system. You must use a breastfeeding water bottle that helps to fulfill the water consumption. You also read protein shakes breastfeeding for your baby protein requirements.

Please study and buy the best cheap maternity clothes for yourself and your baby. We will thoroughly guide you for the best breastfeeding superfoods. You must eat nutritious foods. You should avoid harmful foods.

Daily calories for breastfeeding mother

Your daily exclusively feed Milk to baby burn 500 calories daily. It means you are running 5 miles daily. Breastfeeding loses weight rapidly. Take as much diet as you can for better breastfeeding.

If you don’t eat the required nutritious foods, the productions of milk decreases. For better milk production, women should take 1500 calories per day. Women should take calories slowly.

The low calories can disturb the nutrients of the baby. Always focus your diet for better health. Your good health improves the quality of your life. And enhances the growth of your baby.

The best diet for breastfeeding mothers

In simple words, you need 500 calories per day for nursing. Nursing women need vitamins & minerals with calories. You need to eat healthy foods for the better health of the baby.

Always try to eat foods with fewer calories with high nutrients. It will help to give better health to you and your baby. Please incorporate your daily breastfeeding superfoods.

gas during breastfeeding

Suggested Nutrition


Its daily dose is 15 grams. Your weight will decide its daily dose. Please follow these guidelines or tips. Half of your total weight plus 15, this will be your daily protein dose. Just take protein in your every meal; this is your best strategy. You can use these foods to get the best amount of protein.

  • The poultry and fish have 26 grams to 17 grams protein per 3 oz.
  • Lentils have 9 grams protein per half cup
  • Milk has 8 grams of protein per cup
  • Peanut butter has 7 grams protein per 2 tablespoons
  • Eggs have 6 grams of protein in a boiled egg


It will help your body fully energized. That improves the functions of the body. You should eat 210 grams of carbs daily. Eat 60% more for pregnancy. For best breastfeeding, you need a healthy carbohydrate diet.

  • A banana has 31 grams
  • Brown Rice has 45 grams per half-cup cooked
  • One cooked sweet potato has 27 grams.
  • Per serving of pasta has 14 grams
  • Greek yogurt has 11 grams per 8 oz

Take these foods in breakfast, lunch, and dinner to get the required amount of carbohydrates. Try to get healthy & high fiber carbs for healthy breastfeeding.

Folic Acid

An essential vitamin for women in pregnancy. And this is as important in breastfeeding. It helps to give growth to the baby’s brain. The dose of folic acid is 500 micrograms per day. Here are breastfeeding superfoods.

  • Spinach has 100 micrograms of folic acid
  • Kale has 19 micrograms
  • Clich√©, fortified slices of bread & portions of pasta also have folic acid
  • Also, use oranges & sesame seed

Try to use these diets daily to give nutrition to your baby. For healthy living, use these diets regularly.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The fish has an abundant amount of it. It is essential for the growth of a baby’s brain. The fish can fulfill your required amount. You can take omega-three from the healthy foods which are:

  • Grass-fed beef has 80mg per 3.5 oz
  • Eggs have 225 mg in each egg
  • Walnuts & Chia seeds also have omega-3
  • Eat three servings of fish in one week, get 300mg Omega-3

Try to get 200mg to 300mg Omega-3 fatty acids daily for the growth of the baby. It is a beautiful breastfeeding superfood.


You need it 1000mg daily. Very important to fulfill the required amount daily. Breastfeeding can lose 3% to 5% bone mass. It will recover after you wean. Be careful about a bigger hit on bones and take as much calcium as you need. You can take calcium from these foods.

  • Tofu has 434mg of in a half cup
  • Canned salmon 212mg per serving
  • Broccoli 70mg per serving
  • Bok Choy 74mh per cup
  • And Milk which has enriched calcium

Just add these breastfeeding superfoods to your daily diet plan for the impressive growth of a baby.


The majority of breastfeeding women don’t need to eat extra iron. If blood loss at the time of delivery, you need to take excess iron. Consult with your doctor for a daily recommendation of metal. The ideal foods full of iron are as under

  • Red meat can give you a suitable amount of iron
  • Fortified cereal has 20mg per half cup
  • Beans 2mg per half cup
  • Dar leafy greens 3mg per half cup

These foods can complete your daily iron deficiency.

Suggested breastfeeding superfoods

Now, you have detailed knowledge of nutrients for breastfeeding. Find the best food from the list below.


It’s a very well known galactagogue that helps to improve the milk supply. High Fiver & Iron develop anemia. For dieting purposes, the grain is a food of choice. It gives you energy for the whole day. For best result, take it in breakfast.


It is an ideal diet for breastfeeding. Use small slices of almonds with yogurt. They are the best for your whole body. Use a minimum of 5 almonds daily can away from all weaknesses.


You should eat salmon fish for a superb result in breastfeeding. It has omega-3 fatty acids for the nervous growth of the baby.


It’s kidney-shaped full of fiber. They are an excellent source of protein & iron. It may cause some gassy problems. It does not repeat this problem to your baby.


They are low in calories with high calcium. With all nutrients, it is solid food for breastfeeding.

Vitamins & breastfeeding

Healthy and balanced breastfeeding needs maximum vitamins. Include meat & fish in your meals. Prenatal vitamins are essential for nursing. You need some supplements for breastfeeding.


A calcium supplement is essential for your bones. It is necessary for pregnancy and lactation. Breastfeeding may reduce bone mass temporarily. It helps to improve bone mass. Vitamin D supplement is essential for lactation. It absorbs the calcium into the bones.


The majority of women don’t face anemia problems in breastfeeding. Some lose blood at the time of delivery. The doctor recommends an iron supplement to selective women. This supplement helps for better feeding.

Brain of Baby

The recommended daily dose of Omega-3 fatty acids is 200mg to 300mg. Seafood is the best source of it. You should eat fish in a week. The supplement will help to maintain the daily dose. You are allergic to fish, use a vegetarian supplement.

Vegetarian’s people breastfeeding superfoods

You can’t use fish, dairy, chicken, meat in your daily diet. Start supplement with vitamin B12. You may use vegan vitamins daily for your breastfeeding. Organic supplements are available for vegetarians.

Avoid foods for breastfeeding

Some foods are hazardous for your breastfeeding baby. You must use healthy foods in nursing. Use and follow the breastfeeding superfoods for lactation. What you eat or drink will filter to your baby. Here are some foods you should avoid.


You can take 2 to 3 cups of coffee or tea in a day. It may be harmful to your baby. Please change your caffeine habit. The first nurse and take a cup of tea or coffee.

High Mercury Fish

Shark, Swordfish, Kung Mackerel, and tilefish have mercury. Avoid these fishes; these can affect the brain of the baby. Try to eat low mercury fish like shrimp, salmon, Pollock, and catfish.

Parsley, Peppermint, & Sage

These three things, you eat in high quantity can decrease the milk supply. Your milk production reduces with its use. Its better to give up from your breastfeeding superfoods.

Some foods disturb the stomach of a baby

Some foods can disrupt the colic of the baby. You must take notice; your baby can allergic to few diets. Please avoid these diets. The protein from cow milk is a common culprit. Only 2% to 3% of babies face allergic reactions. Some other offenders are Soy, Wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish & citrus.

The baby can face gastrointestinal problems, eczema, vomiting, and breathing difficulty. These offenders’ foods should eliminate from your diets for baby health. The expert’s opinions guide to drop the offender food one by one. Start with cow milk to cut off. You should wait for two weeks and drop next. You will reach the culprit food. Keep yourself away from culprit foods. Your baby will be safe from food allergy.

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