Best Teeth Whitening Gel Used By Dentists

best teeth whitening gel

Always use best teeth whitening gel, which is reliable and dentists recommended. The whitening products like kinds of toothpaste, over the counter gels, rinses, strips, and trays are commonly available in the market.

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One more important thing, these are very effective for those people who have healthy teeth without fillings. Their teeth are yellow, and they want to make them white, the products are very suitable for them.

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Toothpaste, the Best whitening Gel

The primary function of kinds of toothpaste removes stain from the surface. They contain mild abrasives and gentle polishing or chemicals that are very effective for removal.

The whitening tubes of toothpaste clean the surface stains without any types of bleach. In the other hand, over the counter products contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These are very helpful for lightening the color of the tooth.

The best teeth whitening gel lighten the color by one shade. In contrast, your dentist can make three to eight shades lighter in his office.

Over the Counter Whitening Gels

The clear gels contain peroxide that can use with a small brush directly to your teeth. Instructions may vary, but it depends upon the strength of the peroxide. Before use, read the details mentioned on the product very carefully.

The results start to come within a few days, and final results sustain for near about four months. These peroxide-based gels are invisible and thin. You need to use them according to the instructions on the label. Initially, you will see results in a few days, and final results come in four months.

Whitening Rinses Role in Whitening Teeth

The whitening rinses mean the mouthwashes; they play an essential role in reducing dental plaque and gum disease. They also contain hydrogen peroxide that helps in whitening the teeth.

Manufacturing companies say to wait 12 weeks for better results. You should swish them for 60 seconds in your mouth in the morning and evening then brush your teeth.

Some experts and dentists say that rinses are not sufficient for whitening the teeth. They say, over the counter whitening gels are very useful compare to rinses. Because the mouthwashes only in contact with teeth for such a short period. Pastes attach around 30 minutes, and rinses connect about 2 minutes.

Tray Based Best Teeth Whitening Gel

You can buy tray-based whiteners from over the counter, online, or from the dentist. It involves filling the mouth guard like a tray with a gel solution.

The tray contains peroxide bleaching agent, and worn for the period, for hours, during the night or three to four weeks. It depends upon the results which you want for whitening the teeth.

In-Office Whitening Procedure

These types of procedures provide speedy results for whitening the teeth. In-office with bleaching and the whitening products apply straightly to the teeth. They also combine with heat, a special light, or laser with them.

The results come within 30 to 60 minutes of treatment with dramatic results. You will see excellent results with in-office treatment for the first time. No doubt, it’s a delicate procedure, but it’s an expensive approach.

How Long the Whitening Effects Maintain?

Please keep in mind; it is not a permanent treatment for whitening the teeth. People who use those foods and beverages that cause staining, face fading the whiteness within one month.

Some people are very caring and avoid these foods and beverages; their teeth will not lose their whiteness. And they may wait for one or more than one year for another whitening treatment or touch up.

Whiteness degree varies from person to person depends upon the condition of the teeth, staining level, and bleaching system used.

Do at Yourself or Under the Supervision of Dentist

There is a vast difference between doing yourself for whitening the teeth and a professional dentist. You will see a few variations below:

  • Strength of Bleaching Agent for Whitening Teeth

At-home treatment with dentist supervision or with over the counter products, they contain less amount of bleaching agent. The carbamide peroxide content is 10% to 20% that will be equivalent to 3% hydrogen peroxide. The professional dentists use 15% to 43% hydrogen peroxide products to apply for whitening the teeth.

  • Mouthpiece Trays for Whitener the Teeth

The dentist makes a mouthpiece tray that correctly fits your mouth with all other bleaching products at home. It will be a customization tray that allows maximum contact between the whitening gel. The gel applies to the mouthpiece tray and the teeth. Because it is a custom made tray, so you can minimize the gel contact with gum tissues.

A mouthpiece tray also available in over the counter whitening products, it will be one size fits all, not exactly match for all. These types of the plate might irritate the gum and tissues. They allow more and more bleaching gel that concentrates on the muscles. An in-office treatment directly applies the bleaching agent to your teeth.

  • More Measures for Protection

Your dentist will use a gel to the gum tissue or apply a rubber shield for protection. These types of activities will do before the treatment. Your gums and whole oral cavities will remain safe from bleaching. Over the counter, products will not provide additional protective measures.

  • Costs of the Treatments

Both treatments are suitable, but over the counter bleaching systems are little bit costly compare to the in-office whitening procedure.

  • The difference in Supervision of Dentist & Unsupervision

First of all, the dentist sees your complete medical history, then perform an oral examination. The analysis will be constructive to observe how much quantities of bleaching should use for the treatment of whitening teeth. The dentist performs better match the type of stain and lightens or heavy stains.

Soon the procedure complete, he observes and clears questions regarding the directions and the fitting of the tray. He generally sees the entire process and its working. And over the counter bleaching products, you are responsible at yourself.

Should you do the Process of Whiten the Teeth?

You should avoid for whitening your teeth, or not recommended and not very successful in the following situations:

  • Underage and Pregnancy

The children who are under the age of sixteen don’t recommend bleaching. At this age, the pulp chamber and nerve of the tooth enlarge. If kids who are under this age will do the process, they may irritate the pulp and make it sensitive—in pregnancy and lactating, women also not recommended to do the procedure of whitening the teeth.

  • Having Sensitive teeth or Allergic Problems

Those people have sensitive teeth, and gums or defective restorations must take advice from their dentist then do the whitening procedure. And anyone who allergic to peroxide also away from bleaching product.

  • Gum Disease, Worn Enamel, Cavities, and Exposed Roots

Those have gum disease or worn enamel teeth not recommended for the whitening procedures. You can treat cavities before doing the system.

The whitening solutions go to the deep area of tooth and decay. Due to this, you might face sensitivity if you perform the whitening system. When the tooth roots fully opened, the procedure will not work on the exposed area because sources don’t have an enamel layer.

  • Crowns, Fillings and other Restorations

The different color fillings, crowns, veneers, bonding, and bridges don’t get white from the procedure.  So, if you use the whitening agent on teeth, no change comes to these teeth. The whitening process should fulfill before the placement of restorations.

People who come with restorations, bonding, veneers, or crowns are a better choice compare to tooth whitening system. The dentist will thoroughly guide you in this matter.

  • More Expectations Regarding Whitening Teeth

Some individuals have unrealistic expectations of real and beautiful white teeth. They might disappoint from the results, especially smokers, should be aware their results don’t come according to their desires. If they want good results, then they should stop smoking, particularly during the bleaching process.

  • Full Dark Teeth

Yellow color responds very well; the brown color comes with the less great response, grey and purple stain teeth might not meet from bleaching. Blue-grey staining usually caused by antibiotic tetracycline; they are challenging to lighten. They need to treat at least six months at home then do this procedure.

Those people who have dark stains teeth are better candidates for some other options like veneers, bonding, or crowns. Your dentist will analyses your whole teeth then discuss the best option.

How Many Risks Associate with Whitening Teeth

Mainly, seen two types of side effects with teeth whitening, gums, tissue irritation, and teeth irritation. The sensitivity feels soon after completing the procedure, and when the mouthpiece tray doesn’t fit correctly, then irritation occurs.

But one thing is prominent; both side effects disappear within one to three days after completing the treatment. If you feel sensitivity, decrease, or eliminate the following process:

  • The tray which you wear, stop or remove for a few hours.
  • Don’t white your teeth for 2 to 3 days; in this time, the teeth will adjust.
  • Get high containing fluoride products from pharmacists or dentists. You should use fluoride products to the tray up to four minutes prior.

Use toothpaste that is best for sensitive teeth. These kinds of toothpaste contain potassium nitrate that helps to soothe the teeth’s nerve endings.

The Safety of Best Teeth Whitening Gel

The products which take from professionals, dentists, and bleaching products which are ADA accepted and met the criteria of ADA guidelines for safety. These products are beneficial and safe because they are fulfilling the requirements of ADA.

The organization which is manufacturing over the counter bleaching products, ensure the quality and safety of products. American Dental Association doesn’t accept the whitening products using lasers.

There are many types of toothpaste available in drugstores with ADA seal, you should check it. The manufacturers must fulfill the requirements. But if the product doesn’t have the seal, don’t think, it is not safe and not useful because teeth whiteners are not drugs, which are not necessary to regulate by the FDS.

How to Choose an over the Whitening Kit

You need to select a product that should customized mouthpiece. The kits that come with molded tray are better than others which come with a standard mouth.

You can also check online reviews about the product which you have chosen. You must see what other people think about the product.

Keep it in your mind, if you feel change the color of your gums, increase sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages, no need to continue mouthpiece and consult immediately to your dentist.

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